The energy sector has always had a strategic importance for the economy and for the development of national and international industrial and social fabric. This importance has been enhanced by, among other things, the increase of energy demand, the limited availability of natural resources, technological progress and the process of gradual liberalisation of markets in European Union Countries.

In this context, there has been an increase in initiatives aimed at developing, building and selling infrastructure (or capacity), as well as a change in the type of assistance required for related matters, which involve issues of civil, corporate, environmental, public and private procurement, E.U., administrative, regulatory, banking, finance, real estate and tax law.

In this practice area the Firm provides high level specialised advice, working closely with experts in the administration, finance and industrial engineering fields.

GELEX provides coordinated support and complete legal assistance in Italy and abroad to clients active in the energy sector as well as to those involved in transactions related to the energy sector (such as specialised funds and financial institutions). Such assistance is also provided through the Firm’s foreign offices.

GELEX’s assistance in the energy sector is distinguishable by its quality, resourcefulness and multidisciplinary nature, essential characteristics given that transactions in the energy sector often require knowledge of different sectors. When advising on energy projects, GELEX’s professionals work in close coordination across various departments of the Firm (corporate, banking & finance, administrative, environmental, capital markets, litigation, E.U. & antitrust, and tax). This coordination ensures the ability to manage with the highest quality and efficiency the most important, complex and multifaceted transactions in the energy market.

Our seamless legal services allow the Firm to provide complete assistance and identify in advance the specific needs of each client and each transaction and related solutions. GELEX pays special attention to the comprehensiveness and efficiency of the assistance provided.

Particular attention is also paid to innovation, an indispensible resource given the extreme complexity of issues raised by transactions in the energy sector, also due to the intertwining of legal and technical issues.


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