GELEX team has over ten years of experience in the shipping, aviation, and transportation practice. Our Lawyers assist clients on a wide range of issues related to the Italian, EU and international shipping, aviation, and transportation law, relating to both non-contentious and contentious matters, including interim proceedings.

The Firm represents banks and financial brokers concerning financial aids for the construction and purchase of boats and aircrafts, with security granted over such registered movable properties.

We do, accordingly, have a substantial shipping litigation base. We regularly handle case involving: agency, cargo loss, damages and contamination; the application of Hague, Hague – Visby and Hamburg Rules, as well as of forthcoming Rotterdam Rules; freight, hire, demurrage and other sums due under Charter Parties and bills of lading; withdrawals and repudiatory breaches; lien and cesser clause; arrest of ships and release from arrest.

The activities of the Firm include:

  • Ship and aircraft contract of affreightment
  • Contracts of transport – forwarding - logistic
  • Judicial and extra-judicial litigation and arbitration dispute
  • Sale and purchase – contracts of work – ship repair and yacht refitting
  • Building of ship, leasing, project finance
  • Maritime and aviation claims
  • Salvage
  • General avarage
  • Maritime and aviation insurance
  • Arrest of ship
  • Marine pollution - Shipping and environment
  • Bills of lading Claims & Coverage disputes
  • Charterparty disputes
  • Personal Injuries
  • Hague-Hague Visby Rules
  • Domestic Law on Road Transport (L. 450/85)
  • CMR
  • Warsaw/Montreal Conventions on air transport
  • COTIF (Rail)
  • House Bills and Master Bills
  • Financing, leasing, Sale & Purchase and associated security documentation of yachts & super yachts
  • Design, newbuilding, conversion and repair contracts
  • Corporate owning structures and incorporation of offshore companies
  • Taxation
  • Yacht Management contracts
  • Crewing agreements
  • Shipyard Liability


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