The Firm boasts a solid tradition in Italy within the field of the labour law.

The Firm has experience in many aspects of Italian labour & employment legislation, regulatory requirements and practices concerning employment and industrial relations, including the preparation and negotiation of company labour agreements and individual employment contracts.

The Firm’s Lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting confidentiality agreements and in negotiating and drafting restrictive covenants (such as non-competition or non-solicitation agreements).

The Employment Department has developed a considerable experience in providing legal assistance in Italy on employment and labour law matters to industrial, commercial and financial companies and institutions, both large and medium sized, listed and unlisted, Italian and foreign.

This practice group has a variety of specialisations:

  • M&A operations: legal due diligence, mandatory consultation procedures with Trade Unions in relation to the transfer of businesses; Corporate restructuring: collective dismissals, plans for incentivised voluntary resignations, CIGO (“Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Ordinaria”, the ordinary salary integration public fund, available in case of a crisis in the market), CIGS (“Cassa Integrazione Guadagni Straordinaria”, the salary integration fund, available for restructuring), “Contratti di solidarietà” (solidarity agreements allowing a reduction of working hours below the level established by law);
  • dismissals, disciplinary proceedings;
  • disciplinary charges and sanctions, secondments and transfers;
  • employer's liability;
  • employment contracts, with particular attention to bonus incentive and stock option plans;
  • social security and pension law;
  • agency and brokerage agreements, and contracts for services in general;
  • subordinate employment and self-employment contracts, Co. Co. Co. contracts (“Collaborazioni Coordinate e Continuative”, coordinated cooperation agreements), project contracts, workforce supply and service contracts, executives´ and directors´ retention covenants, non-compete agreements, agency contracts for individuals, flexible employment contracts (fixed term, apprenticeship and training contracts);
  • relations with Trade Unions, drafting of collective agreements and negotiations, drafting of disciplinary codes, codes of conduct and company policies;
  • assistance to, and defence of, clients in relation to inspections carried out by Health and Social Security Authorities;
  • settlements, labour settlements and conciliations related to any sort of disputes including dismissals;
  • legal advice concerning any employment law matter, secondments abroad, national and international social security;
  • providing consultation and assistance for developing and writing out workplace regulations or for adopting and revising personnel policies and procedures;
  • litigation regarding employment law matters;
  • litigation regarding injuries at work, health and safety at work issues, recourse by INAIL (the National Insurance for Injuries at Work and Professional Illnesses) against employers, compensation for economic and non economic damages, harassment at work.