GELEX has a significant experience in insolvency matters, including pre-insolvency reorganizations, bankruptcy proceedings, insolvency proceedings of large insolvent companies (including either liquidation or reorganization proceedings) settlements and assignments of assets to creditors and/or third parties.

Our Attorneys assist clients in connection with all insolvency aspects of banking, financial and commercial transactions. Our team of insolvency practitioners is supported by a wider team of Lawyers from across the Firm, especially of the litigation, finance and banking and the labour law departments.

GELEX provides comprehensive legal advice and support throughout insolvency proceedings, receiverships, creditor arrangements and liquidations. It has the depth of experience necessary to respond quickly, negotiate effectively and craft workable solutions for its clients, having previously advised large credit institutions and primary leasing companies in legal proceedings.

This experience allows the Firm to provide their own clients with an high standard assistance in the different aspects of the Italian bankruptcy law. The Firm assists the companies in crisis in order to evaluate the possibility to avoid the opening of bankruptcy proceedings or the passage to winding-up procedures.

To this aim, we favour the appeal to extrajudicial means to straighten up the crises of the companies thereby allowing a rapid definition of the reconstruction procedures. the Firm, moreover, safeguards the Clients against the insolvency of their own debtors thereby representing them in the different phases of the procedure and supplying advice to the investors interested in the purchase or restructuration of companies being subjected to bankruptcy proceedings.

Great experience was matured by our Professionals even in the lawsuits concerning the stockholder's derivate actions towards the components of the company organs of the bankrupted companies.