We have developed specific knowledge and skills in dealing with the legal, regulatory and tax aspects of the securities and investment sector, particularly those regarding banks and investment management companies.

The Firm’s experience and know-how in banking and finance is particularly extensive, enabling it to provide its clients with a complete range of services in these areas.

The Firm specializes in global loans, structured financing, derivatives, different admission procedures into capital market, as well as in financial services and regulatory aspects consulting, even on constant basis, for leading merchant banks.

The Firm has also significant expertise in Corporate and structured Finance having conducted research and analysis on credit securitization issues, asset backed securities and the relationship among originators, arrangers, issuing and/or selling broking firms.

The Firm's activities include: due diligence execution and drafting of relevant contracts as credit purchase and sale, receivable purchase agreement, credit management contracts, servicing agreements, liquidity agreements, investment contracts, credit enhancement.

The Firm assists Italian and international banks in structuring, dealing and execution of financing transactions for the acquisitions of industrial, business, finance or insurance companies, in the different technical aspects, and in financing for public purchase offers.

We have a significant experience in drafting and negotiating financing documentation for any kind of banking transactions.

Considerable is also the practice achieved by the Banking and Finance Law Practice Group in Project Finance. The Firm represents sponsors and leading banks, as well as lenders and borrowers, in major project finance operations.

Moreover, GELEX developed a considerable understanding of sub-sovereign infrastructure finance and assisted regional or municipal entities in devising appropriate structures aimed at debt-financing infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships (PPP).

In Real Estate area the Firm carries on consultant activity for Italian and international banks and for huge real estate companies in structuring, dealing and execution of real estate financing operations, by means of investment funds too.

In Asset Finance field, the Firm represents banks and financial brokers concerning financial aids for the construction and purchase of boats and aircrafts, with security granted over such registered movable properties. Furthermore, the Firm represents domestic entities as well as Italian and international banks in sophisticated export finance transactions.

The Firm represented leading companies as well as domestic and foreign banks in restructuring operations and in renegotiation of non-performing loans.

The Firm takes part into the transfer of activities or goods like credits, real properties, and other assets.

GELEX has also developed a considerable experience in the issuance of structured bonds, such as domestic bonds, eurobonds and the more recent cover bonds.

The Firm assists credit institutions, investment banks and merchant banks in respect of legal and regulatory matters which regulate their banking and finance services, as well as in their contracts and relationships with regulatory and control bodies : such as the Ministry of the Treasury, the Bank of Italy, CONSOB (the Italian Securities Exchange Commission) and Borsa Italiana S.p.A. (the Italian Stock Exchange), Antitrust and Data Protection Authorities.