The Firm provides full assistance in the field of corporate law, in terms of both ordinary and extraordinary transactions, from ongoing advice to complex reorganization and restructuring transactions of large corporate groups.

GELEX provides corporate and commercial advice and assistance on every aspect of the operations and functioning of enterprises. Activities include representation at General Meetings, the structuring and preparation of corporate by-laws, assistance with the incorporation procedure, identification and structuring of the most advanced corporate governance solutions, and structuring and preparation of shareholders’ agreements and co-investment agreements; the Firm also has extensive experience in structuring and preparing complex joint venture agreements, with particular attention to decision-making stalemates and mechanisms for resolving deadlocks.

Within such area, the Firm provides advice to listed companies on the Italian regulated markets and to their controlling shareholders, engaging itself with the responsibilities of the corporate bodies and with various issues of corporate governance, share capital transactions, the establishment of stock-option plans, regulatory compliance as well as the execution of shareholders' agreements.

GELEX has a full corporate law practice, assisting clients in all aspects of M&A (domestic or international) and other special corporate operations, such as de-mergers, joint ventures and corporate reconstructions, including the financial aspects, tax-planning and management. The Firm is also often involved in Private Equity deals.

Clients are assisted throughout the entire process including negotiations on the due diligence process, drafting of the main agreement, any shareholders’ agreements and additional and related documents, as well as in the pre-closing, closing and post-closing activities, including merger filings and liaising with Competition Authorities.