The Firm consists of a high profile group of lawyers who have participated in significant corporate and financial transactions on the Italian market in the recent years. Their specialization, experience and know-how enable clients to profit from a high level of personal assistance and advice which is based on the specific requests and needs of each individual client.

The Firm has been conceived as a cooperation among qualified Lawyers and Consultants, with specialised knowledge and experience in all key areas of Italian Law.

The Firm places great importance in the professional growth of its young Lawyers, a growth that is pursued through the constant interaction with more experienced Lawyers and the attendance at periodic educational activities.

Most of our Attorneys obtained postgraduate degrees from leading universities in Italy and abroad, and have accumulated foreign work experience, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The continuous internal training programmes we have established allow our professional staff to provide timely and effective responses to the needs and requirements of clients. We believe that it is also important to involve our clients, members of public institutions, regulatory authorities and academic institutions in our pursuit of knowledge. Consequently, we organize seminars and conferences to foster and facilitate the exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions between all categories: legislators, civil servants, legal and tax experts and business people.

All the Lawyers and staff of the Firm speak fluent Italian and English. Some of our Lawyers also speak fluent French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


In order to fully satisfy our clients, we (i) strive to maintain an adequate resource structure for the operations we are requested to follow, (ii) consistently handle the mandate with a commercial analysis of the legal position, (iii) have implemented internal procedures, specific checklists and a severe monitoring process.

The deadline fulfilment is a guaranteed commitment.

We aim to truly satisfy the spirit of the operation rather than simply provide the client with a formally correct, however, ineffective reply.

Professional services are rendered on a 5 (five) days week schedule and availability for the 6th (sixth) and 7th (seventh) day may be granted; no surcharge is provided for weekends or festivities.

The Firm’s business hours are from 09.00 to 20.00 non stop, five days a week, twelve months a year excluding national holidays.


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